Every person is unique

Our approach

Every person is unique, as is every brain. So there are no standard solutions to treat patients with neurological disorders or inexplicable complaints. This vision is central to our approach, which is based on an intensive five-day treatment period with a customised neuro-treatment plan. Many people who turn to our institute after being told that all avenues of treatment have been exhausted, notice a significant improvement within a few days, despite their situation having been deemed hopeless.   

Proper diagnosis

The brain controls all body stimuli as well as the body’s hormone balance and organ system. The brain is therefore responsible for the optimal functioning of the body. Identical complaints or symptoms can have various causes. Here at the Functional Neurology Institute we therefore spend a lot of time and energy on establishing a proper working diagnosis. We not only conduct a range of tests and measurements to map the state of your brain and related nerve functions, but above all, we have an eye for the ‘big picture’. We also consider all kinds of other aspects that affect your functioning. 


We are glad to assist you on any question or reservation for an intake. 

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