Functioneel Neurologisch Instituut

Traumatic brain damage

Also called traumatic brain injury

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Functioneel Neurologisch Instituut

Functional neurology

The power of functional neurology

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Functional Neurology Institute

Effective, tailor-made, neurological disorder treatment programmes to improve your quality of life

The Functional Neurology Institute specialises in treating people with neurological disorders and inexplicable complaints. We provide an intensive five-day, tailored neurological disorder treatment programme, or in short: neuro-treatment programme. Many of our patients notice significant improvement within a few days.

Effective approach to a multitude of complaints

With our tailored programmes and our expertise, we are able to help patients rid themselves of a vast array of complaints and disabilities, from balance and equilibrium complaints to vertigo; from the consequences of brain trauma to ADHD and autism; and from inexplicable thyroid, stomach, intestine and headache complaints to PTTS. Read more here about complaints for which we successfully provide effective treatment.

Complaints for which we successfully provide effective treatment

Customised programmes for effective treatment

Every person is unique, as is every brain. Consequently, the Functional Neurology Institute works exclusively with neuro-treatment programmes designed to fit your situation. Our aim is to eliminate the cause rather than to relieve symptoms. Effective treatment guaranteed. 

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From hopeless situation to normal functioning

Many people who turn to our institute have been told that “all avenues of treatment have been exhausted”. The Functional Neurology Institute has relieved more than 3,300 of those patients of their complaints and disabilities, thus improving their quality of life.

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