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What is functional neurology?

Functional neurology is a medical discipline that aims to improve or restore brain functions (for example after brain trauma), in order to improve one’s quality of life. Functional neurology revolves around brain plasticity. Contrary to what scientists have long thought, rather than being static, the brain changes during the course of our life and is able to adapt. Functional neurology uses this fact to restore lost connections between brain cells and brain functions. For convenience sake, let’s compare the brain and all its brain cells to a road network. If the road between city A and city B is blocked by an accident at city C, city B can still be reached by not driving via city C, but rather via city D. That is exactly what functional neurology is all about. When connections between brain cells are damaged or disrupted, new connections are established between those cells. As a result of this 'diversion' someone might no longer experience balance disorders, have less trouble concentrating or be relieved of unbearable headaches.        

How does the five-day treatment period work?

On Day 1, you will have an intake interview with our professional specialist. Depending on your complaints, the professional specialist will also conduct a number of tests. Based on your complaints pattern and the results of the various tests, the professional specialist will draw up a treatment plan for you that same day. Treatment usually starts immediately on Day 1, followed by two to three treatments per day on the following four days. Meanwhile, we will conduct diagnostic tests to assess your progress and, if necessary, to adjust the treatment plan in the interim. At the end of Day 5, our professional specialist will discuss your state of affairs with you. Our professional specialist will reflect on and discuss your progress with you.

Why does the Functional Neurology Institute apply a five-day treatment period?

Experience shows that a five-day treatment period with concentrated treatments produces the best results because the brain does not get the opportunity to relapse. If you do not have the opportunity to work intensively on your recovery for five consecutive days, we will work with you to arrange a longer, less intensive treatment period.

May I contact former patients?

We respect the privacy of our patients and therefore cannot put you in touch with them. However, many of our patients are so pleased with their treatment that they are happy to share their experiences on our website. You can read their experiences here.

Where do I stay during the treatment period?

During your treatment period you and your professional specialist interact several times a day. We therefore advise you to stay within a 15-minute radius of our institute. Many of our patients stay in a nearby hotel or at a bed and breakfast address during their treatment period. We have good contacts with several accommodation providers in the region. If you wish, we can email you a list for you to determine which one you like best. The accommodation costs are not included in the treatment costs.

Can I claim the treatment costs from my insurer?

That depends on your health insurance policy. In principle, the treatment costs of the Functional Neurology Institute are reimbursed by all health insurers (up to a certain maximum amount). Our treatment costs generally fall under alternative medicine. If you are unsure whether the treatment costs are reimbursed, contact your health insurer. After the treatment you will receive an invoice, itemising all treatment costs. You can use this invoice for your health insurance claim or for your tax return.

How can I make an appointment?

Please contact us by telephone to make an appointment. This allows you to carefully describe your complaints. Based on your complaints, we will email you one or more questionnaires. Please complete these questionnaires and email them back to us. They will help to keep the intake interview as efficient as possible and enable us to start your treatment as soon as possible. If you live outside Europe and the time difference is more than eight hours (Netherlands: Central European Time or Greenwich Mean Time:+1),we recommend that you email us, in which case please use this form. We will then contact you within one working day to make an appointment.




We are glad to assist you on any question or reservation for an intake. 

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