Our promise

This is what you can expect

  • Treatment in a well-equipped institute by highly qualified and committed specialists;

  • Effective treatment, concentrated in a five-day treatment programme;

  • Support by means of sophisticated diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art devices;

  • Intensive neuro-treatment programme geared entirely to your specific situation;

  • Upon request, assistance and support to make your stay in the Lisse area as pleasant as possible;

  • You will notice significant improvement in your complaints;

  • At the end of the treatment period you will receive a balanced neuro-training programme to continue working on your recovery at home;

  • At the end of the treatment period you will receive a final report and the reports of the diagnostic tests. You can use them for health insurance purposes, or you can discuss them with your (family) doctor;

  • Possibility to contact your professional specialist after the treatment period, via Facetime, Skype, by telephone or email;

  • A few weeks after the treatment period, your professional specialist will telephone you to discuss your convalescence and to determine at what level you are able to function at that point in time.

  • After the treatment you will receive an invoice, itemising all treatment costs. You can use this invoice for your health insurance claim or for your tax return.

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