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Complaints and disorders

With our expertise and experience, as well as our tailored neuro-treatment programmes, we successfully help patients rid themselves of a vast array of complaints and disabilities, from balance and equilibrium complaints to vertigo; from the consequences of brain trauma to ADHD and autism; and from inexplicable thyroid, stomach, intestine and headache complaints to PTTS. Many people who turn to our institute have been told that “all avenues of treatment have been exhausted” and that they will have to 'learn to live with' their complaints and disabilities. But given the impact those complaints and disabilities have on their lives, that is not an option. Many are no longer able to function at work nor at home. Our programme aims to improve their quality of life, not only substantially but permanently as well. 

Below is an overview of complaints and disorders that we treat in our institute.


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Brain trauma

Did you fall on your head or was your head struck by something? Getting a correct diagnosis as soon as possible after the event can prevent serious complaints that might arise at a later point in time.

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Balance disorders

Do you suffer from unexplained dizziness or attacks of nausea? Or do you have trouble keeping your balance? Let us help you get this under control. 

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Are you looking to get rid of that persistent headache once and for all? We are highly experienced in treating a wide range of headache disorders.

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Memory problems

Do you have trouble concentrating and focusing? Are you forgetful? Let us help you master your memory. 

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Behavioural problems and learning disabilities

Does your child have dyslexia? Or is your child hyperactive and therefore unable to concentrate? Work with us to permanently improve your child’s condition.

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Autoimmune diseases

Inexplicable thyroid, stomach or intestinal problems? Do something about it! Timely treatment can save you a lot of misery.

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