Rian (11) can look forward to picking up his favourite pastime again, playing tennis

"After walking around Disneyland for two hours we had to arrange for a wheelchair for Rian"

“It’s like magic,” says Arianne van der Plas, summarising the results they booked with the Functional Neurology Institute. "We had almost given up hope that Rian’s condition would ever improve," sighs Rian's mother. Ever since he was seven, Rian has suffered from pain in his legs, knees and feet and has trouble concentrating. During their long search along hospitals, physiotherapists and rehabilitation centres, the family suffered one disappointment after another. “Actually, people kept telling us that Rian just had to learn to live with it. They were simply growing pains, they said. Our hopes were pretty well dashed." 

No more tennis

In the meantime, Rian had to quit playing his favourite sport, tennis. “There was no way he could continue playing with the pain in his legs, especially in winter playing on indoor courts. The pain made it impossible to enjoy the game. Rian reluctantly put his racket away in the attic." Other activities that didn’t involve engaging in sports could be painful as well. “Like when we visited Disneyland, for instance. After walking around for a couple of hours we had to arrange for a wheelchair because Rian couldn’t manage anymore.” 


One day, Rian's mother suggested that they make an appointment at the Functional Neurology Institute in Lisse. “Actually, I have no idea why we hadn’t thought of that before, because we have visited the institute many times over the years. They successfully treated my two brothers and my parents for back and neck complaints and my three-year-old nephew’s speech and concentration skills have greatly improved. All in a matter of a few treatments. They solved my back problems too, whereas endless visits to physiotherapists were a complete waste of time,” says Arianne. Despite all these positive results, Arianne was a bit sceptical in Rian’s case. “Having been told ever since Rian was seven that he simply had to learn to live with it because it is all a part of the growing process and will eventually wear off, scepticism is bound to creep in.” 

Admiration and joy

Four treatments later, Arianne's wait-and-see attitude gave way to admiration and joy. “Rian’s condition is nothing like it was before. His progress is truly remarkable. The treatments in Lisse, combined with the prescribed XO-3 flax seed oil, have really paid off." Arianne is therefore very appreciative of the institute’s approach. "The professional specialist is very passionate about his work and you can’t help but feel that he is eager to help and will go all out to find a solution. He is also very frank, and I like that. If he thinks there is nothing he can do for you, he will tell you and not string you along with false promises. That’s not what I experienced with physiotherapists." 

Happy to go to treatment

Mother Arianne says that Rian himself is sad that the series of four treatments is completed. "He really enjoyed the GyroStim treatment and shooting the laser pen." The GyroStim is a high-tech computer-controlled chair that can rotate around its axes in different directions, helping clinicians to cure patients of their neurological complaints. "He remarked that the doctor was making funny jokes. He was always keen to go the institute for treatment." 

Improved ability to concentrate

Apart from his impressive progress in terms of the pain in his legs, Arianne has more good news. "Rian always had trouble concentrating, not so much if there was something he really liked, but as soon as a topic appealed less to him, he struggled to focus. That is much better now. Before, we had  to work hard at home to catch up on things he didn't pick up in class. Now we don’t have to anymore. I have noticed that he is much more open to all kinds of things." 

Proper connection

“We’re getting our old Rian back. He is much more talkative and I no longer hear him complain about pain in his legs. He’s starting to be the spirited child he used to be. Now, when we go for a walk, for instance, he runs around in all directions and he’s a complete chatterbox, whereas he used to just trudge along behind us. What a difference those few weeks of treatment have made! The professional specialist was right when he said that everything is related to the proper connection of the brain to the rest of the body." The ultimate reward is that Rian can look forward to picking up his favourite pastime again, playing tennis. “Isn’t that fantastic!"    

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