"Head and pavement collide"

In December 2015, Marjo Sweijen was involved in a traffic accident. She was thrown off her bicycle, landing head first with a sickening thud on the pavement. Unsurprisingly, Marjo blacked out. Besides some broken ribs and massive shoulder bruising, Marjo suffered a concussion. It soon became clear that the consequences of the concussion were much more serious than the physical complaints caused by her broken ribs and bruised shoulder. Marjo suffered from dizziness and limited resilience. She was also extremely sensitive to stimuli for all senses and she was much more emotional than before. 

Difficult reintegration

By the end of 2016, Marjo's complaints had persisted for more than a year. Nevertheless, she tried to resume work in her physiotherapy practice as best as she could. However, her reintegration proved extremely difficult. "I used to schedule an average of fourteen appointments a day but treating two patients per day proved to be too much for me," says Marjo.

In late 2016, Marjo came across an article about whiplash in a specialist journal, highlighting positive experiences with Functional Neurology Institute. Because of her constant battle trying to cope with the unpleasant consequences of her concussion, Marjo decided it was worth a try to visit the medical centre that specialises in brain problems. During her intake interview in January 2017, the extent of Marjo's limitations became clear.

The first result in next to no time

"I went through life like a zombie and was hardly up to doing anything," says Marjo, looking back on this difficult time in her life. After her first treatment at Functional Neurology Institute, Marjo noticed that ‘something’ was already happening. "They explained to me how to exercise my eye muscles and, after the session, I immediately noticed that my eyes had changed. It's not that I didn't see well before, but I could focus better after the treatment."

Positive experiences 

Marjo speaks very favourably of Functional Neurology Institute. "They are professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Their expertise is amazing and it's impressive how focused they are. If you ask me, the positive results they achieve here should be given much more attention."

Marjo is cautiously looking further and further ahead now. "I'm not completely up to speed yet, but I have started working half days since the autumn of 2017. I still have to look after my mental health, but my physical condition is much better now.”

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