Dick Emens’ (51) energy level is back up

"At one point I thought it would never come right again. But look at me now."

"At one point I thought it would never come right again.” 51-year-old Dick Emens from Hillegom describes in measured words the overpowering feeling that came over him in early 2018. "I had been losing my strength and energy for a long time, which meant that I could no longer function normally. At one point I had no energy at all and felt very tired." Dick eventually slept exceptionally long hours and ended up on sickness benefit. 

Another urinary tract infection

When he also suffered a urinary tract infection for the third year in a row, Dick’s future looked bleak. "For the umpteenth time, my GP prescribed a course of treatment and I was declared cured again. But I didn't feel cured at all." Dick did not believe that he was going to be okay in the long run and decided to look for possibilities outside mainstream medicine. An acquaintance drew his attention to the Functional Neurology Institute in Lisse, telling him about the good results he booked there. “By that time I was so desperate that I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.” 

Pleasant atmosphere

What struck Dick most during his first visit to the practice in Lisse was its pleasant atmosphere. “That pleasant feeling persisted even during my subsequent visits. I am absolutely convinced that a positive vibe like that helps patients to heal." During his intake interview, Dick was happy to hear that the professional specialist could help him to get rid of his complaints. "I also appreciated his saying that he would tell me straight away if, after a few treatments, he noticed that they were having no effect. As a result, I immediately felt that this institute would not string me along with false promises. Great!" 


Dick was diagnosed with right hemisphere brain damage and treatment could commence. His treatment plan consisted of a combination of balance exercises and eye-hand coordination exercises plus GyroStim sessions. The GyroStim is a high-tech computer-controlled chair that can rotate in various directions around its axes, helping clinicians to cure patients of their neurological complaints. "The first time I was asked to sit in the GyroStim, I couldn’t help wondering how it was supposed to help me get rid of my complaints," Dick recalls. 

Good progress

His initial scepticism about the GyroStim soon proved unfounded. “It only took three treatments for me to feel I was making good progress. My blood circulation improved considerably and I had regained a lot of energy." Thanks to the treatment and the use of high-quality supplements (vitamin B complex and XO7 salmon oil), Dick was even able to resume his job as a logistics employee at a metalworking company. “Having been home sick for a few long months,  it was a great feeling being able to get back to work.” 

Wide perspective

In its approach, the Functional Neurology Institute notably considered Dick’s entire background. “Most people who practise mainstream medicine only consider one aspect. But here at the institute, my entire history and background were examined. As an example, I had an occupational accident once and suffered from pancreatic and liver infections. All that was taken into account and addressed during my treatment, including my recurring headaches and tired back muscles." 


Thanks to the treatments, Dick’s future is looking very bright again. He does, however, have a message for the health insurers. “In the end, my health insurer reimbursed 50% of the treatment costs. I can’t really get my head around that, considering 100% of the conventional healthcare costs were reimbursed without my complaints having been resolved." But more important for Dick is his satisfaction with the treatment. "It's great to be full of energy and to be able to do everything again."

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