"Sometimes fate strikes twice"

In 1983, Martin Ebell was involved in a serious skiing accident. A year of treatment ensued, but even then Martin was still in a lot of pain and was severely limited in what his body was able to do. And if that wasn’t bad enough, another dark cloud loomed on the horizon; it was only a matter of time before he would be declared disabled. Martin decided not to let fate take matters out of his own hands and went in search of effective medical help to get him back on his feet. His quest led him to Ron van der Kuil, who at that time was still working as a chiropractor in Heemstede. Seven years later Martin was finally his old self again.

Complete wreck

But then fate struck again. At the age of 64, Martin fell from a height of two metres, landing feet first, knees stretched and legs straight. He was a complete wreck, so decided to contact Ron van der Kuil again, who by that time had established the Functional Neurology Institute. After listening to his complaints, Van der Kuil referred Martin to a neurologist for an extensive medical examination. The scans and additional tests showed that multiple blood clots in the brain were causing transient ischaemic attacks, or TIAs in short. TIAs temporarily block a blood vessel in the brain, with major consequences. Martin had to deal with a hearing loss in his right ear, and strokes and blackouts whenever he exerted himself. The impact of the fall had caused a shock wave in his body, causing damage all the way through to the brain.

High-tech computer-controlled chair

With the results of the neurological examination in his pocket, Martin returned to the Functional Neurology Institute. “I was warned it would be a lengthy process," said Martin. "Together we determined the most beneficial frequency of treatment and associated interval period, combined with exercises at home.” Every three to four months, Martin visited the neuro medical centre for neck and shoulder treatment, followed by a session in the GyroStim. The GyroStim is a high-tech computer-controlled chair that can rotate around its axes in different directions, helping clinicians to cure patients of their neurological complaints. 

Working together on recovery

Having already achieved positive results with Van der Kuil before, Martin was very glad to have once again turned to the Functional Neurology Institute. "Ron van der Kuil, my professional specialist, and I built up a relationship of trust during my years of treatment and I look upon this process as something we did together. Fourteen years of practising yoga have helped me to be aware of my body. I can sense and indicate what does and does not feel good and work well. We adjust the treatment accordingly and I do well by it." Martin now has a bright future ahead. "I am fit and able again and happily enjoying retirement with my wife.”

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