Elly de Jongh (69) conquers painful shingles

"The pain is virtually gone and I can use my arm again"

Elly de Jongh (69) from Rhoon had an entirely different Christmas season in mind than being struck down in mid-December with an acute form of shingles (postherpetic neuralgia). When Ibuprofen did not help to relieve the pain and tiny bumps formed on her painful arm, Elly visited the medical centre on Saturday, 16 December. The doctor prescribed valaciclovir to combat the shingles and Tramadol and paracetamol to relieve the pain. "I was told I would heal within three to four weeks." But no. The pain in her arm actually got worse. 

Many pain-relieving medications

Her situation was so desperate on Boxing Day that Elly went straight to her GP who prescribed pregabalin and referred her to a pain clinic, but she couldn’t make an appointment there until 9 January. "Fortunately, the pregabalin helped reasonably well to suppress the pain." Still, Elly was not pleased with the situation. “The pain was still severe and nor was I happy with all the medication I was prescribed. It is, after all, a kind of 'poison' that you’re taking.” So on 2 January, Elly decided to call the Functional Neurology Institute. “We have been patients there for twenty years now. My husband, for instance, received treatment there for his slipped disc and prostate complaints. To be honest, I didn't expect them to have any experience with shingles, but the receptionist assured me that they could help me. And I could come in the very next day."

Less pain and more energy

Three months later, things were much improved at the De Jongh residence. “Starting in January, I had two GyroStim sessions a week for three weeks and then one session until the beginning of March. The GyroStim is a high-tech computer-controlled chair that can rotate around its axes in different directions helping clinicians to cure patients of their neurological complaints. The treatment plan also includes taking supplements. "I take vitamin C, vitamin B complex, D-Toxinex, high-quality (UDP47 technique) supplemental walnut oil, as well as CTX Cannelex, which is pure cannabis oil. I like that much better than all those painkillers. My resistance is improving, I am gaining energy again and the pain level has decreased by 95%." Fortunately, Elly has regained the use of her arm. "Apart from having hardly any pain, that’s a relief. My husband and daughter had to do all the housekeeping because my right arm was completely useless." 

Positive experiences

Elly is very pleased with the Functional Neurology Institute. "We have had a good relationship with Ronald van der Kuil, the professional specialist, for twenty years now. He is very skilled and doesn’t beat about the bush. He sets realistic expectations and puts you at ease. From now on, we will call him first if we have any medical problems."  

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